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How a small decision can turn your life around

Hello Loves,

Getting to the top of this stone simply took a step. This year has been full of forever changes. While being on lock down I learn plenty of small decisions could bring about great change. Adapting to working from home meant making a separate work space This was a small change that made it easier to separate home life from work life.

It is easier sometimes to break things down to make accomplishing goals more manageable. Here are a few tips to make a financial change easier to implement.

Having problems with funds

1. Make a budget and WRITE it down. (possible break down 50/20/30)

50 needs

20 savings and debt

30 wants

2. Then do a spending audit to keep better track of spending. WRITE down all spending and make sure funds are going as stated on your budget.

Hope this helps you make a small change that will lead to big accomplishments.

Your Connection Coach,


For more life managing techniques BOOK your appointment. How is your time management?

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