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Fabulous "F" word

This year is coming to an end so let us make room for new comings. So long bye, bye, bye 2020 HELLOOOOOOO 2021. What are you talking about coach? Glad you asked love. Let us do some forgiving on purpose. What is forgiveness, it is the release of resentment and anger. Replace this with peace and joy that no one can take or destroy Here are 3 pointers about forgiving:

1. Forgiveness is for YOU and not the other person.

2. This means that you can start the healing process. (this is an ongoing process and by no means easy but so worth it)

3. Sometimes reconciliation may not happen and that is ok.

Think about the one time you did something with a pure intention, but it came off wrong. What about that time you just totally done something wrong to a person and wanted forgiveness? We tend to ask from others what we are not willing to give. Let us be the change we desire to see in others. This does not mean that the relationship will just go back, actually it means a new one will come from the flames or not one at all. We cannot control another person’s reaction to our action so be mindful.

For more assistance with forgiveness and apologies make an appointment and let’s do the work one moment at a time.

Your Connection Coach


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