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5 tips for Holiday Anxiety

Hey, hey hey Loves

This month my blog comes to a bit early as to prepare you for the holidays. Here you will finds 5 tips to assist in your mental health during the holidays. Be mindful to express that you may suffer from this and communicate it with your loved ones. If this this is expressed to you from a loved one please be mindful that it is not a personal attack or rejection.

1. Maintain your self care by planning ahead and learning to say and mean "NO": You do not have to go to everything. Your "NO" needs no explanation.

2. Stay to your budget: It should not be about the cost of given/receiving items. You do not want to have a financial setback.

3. Do not set unachievable expectations on self or others: Do what you can and how others the same grace and mercy.

4. Keep to healthy eating lifestyle habits or add extra cardio/water intake: Eat in moderate portions as not to feel stuffed. Increase workout if you plan to increase your portions and do not forget to drink water.

5.Get space when needed: If it gets to be too much simply step back. Take a walk, sit in the car and listen to music or the joy of the nothingness.

Know that these are just a few steps to assist you in your holidays to be the best person you are. Here is an extra just because I love you on Purpose with the purpose of you being your best.

Extra Extra: DO NOT ALLOW TOXIC BEHAVIORS FROM NO ONE: If this happens correct the person if possible. Practice forgiveness not as an approval but as for them not to hold up space in your life. Speak affirmations into self.

For more assistance feel free to make your appointment at:

Until next time have a Happy Holiday

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